What's Machine Learning?
You can ask computer to do lots of things for you
However, computer can only do what you ask it to do
Computer can never solve the problem you can't solve

Some tasks are very complex
One day, you are asked to write a program for speech recognition

Let the machine lear by itself

Learning ≈ Looking for a Function

Speech Recognition

Handwritten Recognition

Weather forecast

Play video games


This Course

Deep Learning
What is Deep Learning?

Deep v.s. Shallow

  • Speech Recognition
    Shallow Approach

Deep Learning

-Image Recognition
Shallow Approach

Deep Learning

Deep learning usually referred to neural network based approach

Inspired from Human Brains

A Neuron for Machine

Cascading the neurons to form a neural network
Each layer is a simple function in the production line

Ups and downs of Deep Learning

Why Deep Learning?
Deeper is Better

Why Deeper is Better?

Universality Theorem

Fat + Short v.s. Thin + Tall

Hand-writing digit classification