Deprecation notice.关于弃用的提醒

This toolbox is outdated and no longer maintained.目前该工具箱已经过时,不再进行维护。

There are much better tools available for deep learning than this toolbox, 目前有更好的用于深度学习的工具箱,比如:e.g. Theanotorch or tensorflow建议还是用以上几个,而不是DeepLearnToolbox)

I would suggest you use one of the tools mentioned above rather than use this toolbox.

Best, Rasmus.


A Matlab toolbox for Deep Learning.用于深度学习的matlab工具箱

Deep Learning is a new subfield of machine learning that focuses on learning deep hierarchical models of data. It is inspired by the human brain's apparent deep (layered, hierarchical) architecture. A good overview of the theory of Deep Learning theory is Learning Deep Architectures for AI

深度学习是机器学习新的子领域,重点学习深层次化的数据模型。深度学习是受到人脑深层结构的启发。关于深度学习理论比较好的一篇概述:Learning Deep Architectures for AI


For a more informal introduction, see the following videos by Geoffrey Hinton and Andrew Ng.

If you use this toolbox in your research please cite Prediction as a candidate for learning deep hierarchical models of data 如果你想在自己的研究中使用这个工具箱,请注明引用:

    author       = "R. B. Palm",
    title        = "Prediction as a candidate for learning deep hierarchical models of data",
    year         = "2012",

Contact: rasmusbergpalm at gmail dot com

Directories included in the toolbox 工具箱目录

NN/ - A library for Feedforward Backpropagation Neural Networks前馈神经网络

CNN/ - A library for Convolutional Neural Networks 卷积神经网络

DBN/ - A library for Deep Belief Networks 深度置信神经网络

SAE/ - A library for Stacked Auto-Encoders 稀疏自编码

CAE/ - A library for Convolutional Auto-Encoders 卷积自编码

util/ - Utility functions used by the libraries 通用的函数

data/ - Data used by the examples 数据

tests/ - unit tests to verify toolbox is working  测试

For references on each library check


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  2. addpath(genpath('DeepLearnToolbox'));