[jQuery] jQuery Deferreds 学习手册 (英文版)


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简介:☆ 资源说明:☆ [O'Reilly Media] jQuery Deferreds 学习手册 (英文版) [O'Reilly Media] Learning jQuery Deferreds Taming Callback Hell with Deferreds and Promises (E-Book) ☆ 图书概要:☆ Orchestrating asynchronous function calls in JavaScript often leads to callback hell, but there is a reliable way to avoid this painful state of affairs. With this concise and simple guide, you’ll learn how to use jQuery deferreds and promises, an elegant approach for managing asynchronous calls in both client and server applications. This book contains 18 examples that use deferreds to solve progressively challenging real-world programming problems, along with 75 stimulating puzzles (and their solutions) that will help you understand how and when to use deferreds. ☆ 出版信息:☆ [作者信息] Terry Jones , Nicholas H. Tollervey [出版机构] O'Reilly Media [出版日期] 2014年01月03日 [图书页数] 132页 [图书语言] 英语 [图书格式] PDF 格式

jQuery Deferreds Promises
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