[SproutCore] SproutCore 网络应用开发 (英文版)


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简介:☆ 资源说明:☆ [Packt Publishing] SproutCore 网络应用开发 (英文版) [Packt Publishing] SproutCore Web Application Development (E-Book) ☆ 图书概要:☆ Creating fast, powerful, and feature-rich web applications using the SproutCore HTML5 framework Overview Write next-gen HTML5 apps using the SproutCore framework and tools Get started right away by creating a powerful application in the very first chapter Build your understanding of SproutCore as you follow through the most complete reference to the framework anywhere in existence ☆ 出版信息:☆ [作者信息] Tyler Keating [出版机构] Packt Publishing [出版日期] 2013年09月25日 [图书页数] 194页 [图书语言] 英语 [图书格式] PDF 格式

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