[Gephi] 网络图 分析与可视化 (Gephi 实现) (英文版)


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简介:☆ 资源说明:☆ [Packt Publishing] 网络图 分析与可视化 (Gephi 实现) (英文版) [Packt Publishing] Network Graph Analysis and Visualization with Gephi (E-Book) ☆ 图书概要:☆ Visualize and analyze your data swiftly using dynamic network graphs built with Gephi Overview Use your own data to create network graphs displaying complex relationships between several types of data elements Learn about nodes and edges, and customize your graphs using size, color, and weight attributes Filter your graphs to focus on the key information you need to see and publish your network graphs to the Web ☆ 出版信息:☆ [作者信息] Ken Cherven [出版机构] Packt Publishing [出版日期] 2013年09月24日 [图书页数] 116页 [图书语言] 英语 [图书格式] PDF 格式

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